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Portfolio Company Developments

Capital Z actively partners with the management teams of portfolio companies. Capital Z typically will assist in the development and implementation of operational improvements, identify and help execute acquisition opportunities and ultimately help oversee the sale and/or IPO process of each investment.



Capital Z has a long track record of generating significant co-investment opportunities for its limited partners, strategic partners and other key relationships.

In addition to the capital invested by Capital Z and its predecessor funds, transactions sourced by Capital Z have required a significant amount of additional equity funding, a large portion of which was invested by limited partners and other investors with which Capital Z has a relationship. Co-investors highly value Capital Z's deal sourcing strategy, due-diligence / investment process and specialization and expertise in the financial services sector.

Approximately half of the over 40 transactions completed by Capital Z have included co-investment opportunities, totaling $3.8 billion of available co-investment.

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