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Since 1990, Capital Z and its predecessors have invested in excess of $3 billion in over 40 transactions in the United States, Bermuda and Europe. These investments have been made across nine investment funds.


  • Fund I:  International Insurance Investors, L.P. (1990)

  • Fund II:  Insurance Partners, L.P. (1994)

  • Fund III:  Capital Z Financial Services Fund II, L.P. (1999)

  • SPV I:  Capital Z Lancashire Partners, L.P. (2005)

  • SPV II:  Capital Z Partners III USI, L.P. (2007)

  • Fund IV:  Capital Z Partners III, L.P. (2008)

  • SPV III:  Capital Z Partners Co-Invest (BMS), L.P. (2014)

  • SPV IV:  Capital Z Partners Co-Invest (Pearl), L.P. (2015)

  • Fund V:  Capital Z Partners IV, L.P. (2016)

  • SPV V: Capital Z Partners (Prestige), L.P. (2018)

  • SPV VI: Capital Z Partners (Riverside), L.P. (2019)

  • SPV VII: Capital Z Partners (Fidelis), L.P. (2020)

The shared experience and common investment philosophy of the team has allowed Capital Z to source transactions in a proprietary manner, structure investments attractively, and add significant value to portfolio companies. The result has been attractive investment returns for limited partners and opportunities for management teams.

Unique and Specialized Investment Strategy

Capital Z’s sole focus on financial services companies allows us to bring an uncommon and experienced perspective to firms facing complex challenges or growth opportunities.


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